The genetic make-up of a sow is such that one animal can farrow more than 30 piglets a year. This requires good management and optimal feeding, whereby the animal’s immune system and fertility get constant support and care. In recent years, feeds contain less and less copper, zinc and phosphor (regulated by law from an environmental point of view), while these elements are essential to support a ‘high production sow”. There are a number of critical moments in a sow life cycle:

  • fertilization
  • embryo implantation
  • bone mineralization in weaned piglets
  • developing udder tissue and colostrum
  • milk production
  • birth
  • estrous cycle etc.

In practice, there are a number of other procedures utilizing ANTI-OXIDANTS :

  • vaccinations
  • antibiotic toxins (mycotoxins) use
  • hormonal changes such as with farrowing and weaning
  • infection risk: presence of bacteria or viruses even at the most hygienic farms
  • excessive iron in drinking water.

All these situations require extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In case of any deficiency, a sow will use its available reserves to cover the shortfall, which is negative for its general health.  This can lead to:

  • a bad rut or too many sows returning to estrous
  • piglets born too weak, piglets born dead or with splayed legs
  • uterus inflammation / udder inflammation
  • poor milk production start
  • sows with a higher culling rate
  • foot problems

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