Increasing milk production requires continuously improving feeding programs, and the need for better supplements is greater than ever!

 Orcovet offers high quality feeding supplements.

Orco-Horse Gamma

Horses require a lot of love and diligent care. Take care of your horse with the new line of Orcovet Orco-Horse products. The secret to a healthy and athletic horse is healthy nutrition. Orcovet has developed a wide range of orthomolecular supplements for use on commercial horse farms. Orco-Horse products will increase the power, speed and endurance of horses.

Orco-Horse: A Better Outlook for horses!

Due to a short digestive tract, it is necessary that all orthomolecular supplementation is composed of the highest quality ingredients for a horse, and are formulated to allow a well-balanced absorption. The Orco-Horse products contain ingredients that play an important role in the welfare of your horse. The orthomolecular requirements of a horse change drastically, depending on animal age, size, nature of its activities, climatic conditions, health, physiological condition of the animal, and its temperament.

The Orcovet team will be delighted to provide you with customized advice.

Orco-Horse Product Range:

  • Orco-Horse Mineral Mix
  • Orco-Horse Mineral Mix Extra
  • Orco-Horse Covet