ORCOVET is a company specializing in orthomolecular animal feeding solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, our products are successfully used in the Benelux countries, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Hungary.

ORCOVET offers high-quality feeding supplements for animals.

Our mission

Our mission is optimizing your animals health through healthy, balanced feedings.

ORCOMIX products are compound in such a way that all essential nutrients are correctly available in sufficiant amounts in order to improve physiological functions.


Our Distinguishing Features

  • Superior Corrective Feeding Solutions:

    • Administered at critical moments
    • For glucose metabolism support
    • Fertility improvement
  • Preventive Dry Cattle Feeding:

    • Active calcium metabolism
    • Smooth start of lactation
    • Immune system reinforcement
    • Maximum feed intake
  • Rearing Calves and Young Cattle:

    • Specific young stock solution
    • Maximum bone growth
    • Expression of genetic potential

Our Product Range

The Orcomix products are professionally manufactured based on the most recent scientific research.
Our  product range caters to Dairy Farms, Beef Cattle Farms, Pig Breeding Farms, Horse Breeding Farms.

Dairy Cattle & Beef Cattle Horse Farms Sow farms

Our consultants

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience with our supplements, and they will be happy to offer you customized advice for all your animal feeding needs. Our consultants are real nutrition specialists through their experience in real-life practice and the knowledge they have built.

This knowledge and findings are regularly tested and refined through revision of scientific studies, and by maintaining contacts with research institutions and universities. The consultants have access to a broad and orderly rations calculation program, thereby offering an extra service to your farm. Our consultants have got what your animals need, and they are your ideal partner on the way to achieving improved farm profits.