Orcomix Dairy Cattle solutions

Feed rations specifically developed for all your dairy cattle needs! The strong genetic advancement requires a customized feeding program. Orcovet has been studying the biochemistry of highly productive animals for more than 20 years.

  • Optimal Rumen Functioning
    • maximum dry matter intake from raw materials
    • less fat breakdown at the start of a lactation period
    • good fat/protein ratio in milk
    • well-maintained milk production on the basis of a healthy diet
  • Healthy liver: the importance of B-vitamins
  • Limiting Oxidative Stress: supplemented with anti-oxidants
Customized Advice:
  • Ration Calculations :
    • made according to conducted analyses and available stock
    • supplemented with byproducts/raw materials/chalk/salt/magnesium oxide…
    • control of MPR indicators, in the barn …
  • ORCOMIX-solution:
    • rich in antioxidants, B-vitamins, …
    • solution formulated according to the needs of the farm

The Orcovet team will be delighted to provide you with customized advice.

Orcomix diary cattle lactation rations:

  • Orcomix 5/5
  • Orcomix 6/5 Granule
  • Orcomix Ferti-Claw
  • Orcomix Unifeed Special
  • Orcomix Unifeed 1