Orcomix Dry Cattle Solutions

Optimized dry cattle feed: high powered feed for all your dairy cattle! Effective lactation starts with giving the right type of feed when the cow is dry. Orcovet Dry Cattle Feed Rations are formulated based on years of experience and scientific studies.

  • Build-up of antioxidant concentrations: Keeping the immune system and Calcium – metabolism active
  • Prevention of liver problems: a healthy liver is a determinant factor for future fertility rates
  • healthy appetite, maximum postnatal dry matter intake
  • improved fat/protein ratio in milk at the start of a lactation period
  • more frequent episodes of standing heat within one month after calving, beneficial for the reproduction cycle
  • optimal muscle functioning: fewer sick calves, retained placenta, delayed milk production
  • rich colostrum and optimal calving
  • fewer immune system reactions related to calving

The Orcovet team will be delighted to provide you with customized advice.

Orcomix Dry Cattle Feeding Solutions:

  • Orcomix Vital Grits
  • Orcomix Vital Transit Grits