Orcomix Correct Solutions

If there is any need for extra support … Using Orcomix Correct Solutions, you can modify your dairy farming methods as required!

  • especially rich in B-Vitamins: providing support for proper liver function
  • abundant Milk Production: requires conversion of propionic acid to glucose
  • healthy liver:
    • increased fertility rates
    • improved immune system
    • improved milk contents
  • especially rich in Beta-caroten, thereby enhancing corpus luteum function
  • when grazing is limited or not available: reduced beta-carotene levels…
  • improved fertility results:
    • more evident signs of heat
    • fewer episodes of  repeated breeding
    • shorter periods between calves
  • especially rich in anti-oxidants:
    • free radical neutralization
  • improved functions, including increase in white blood cells
  • to be used as a supplement for all types of immune responses beefed up immune system:
    • lesser immune responses
    • quicker recovery
    • improved fertility rate.

The Orcovet team will be delighted to provide you with customized advice.

Orcomix Supplement Solutions:

  • Orcomix – Ketabo-Max
  • Orcomix – Beef Fertil
  • Orcomix – Anti-Oxidant