Poultry Farms

Optimal nutrition aims at improving physiological functions. Nutrients work as a team! Each essential nutrient (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) constitutes a special key ingredient, which is only effective when the other key ingredients are available in sufficient amounts. If one of the essential nutrients is lacking or available in insufficient amounts, the metabolism will not function on an optimal level. As a result, if the feeding plan calculated for the flock’s genetic requirements is not applied, even a highly productive poultry population will fail to deliver maximum performance. Nutrients support:

  • optimal growth and egg production
  • high fertility rates (hormonal production)
  • optimal health (immunity to disease, resistance to disease)

A decrease in growth rate occurs any time that immune system action is activated! Such a decrease in growth is manifested mostly by animals stricken with a bacterial and/or viral infection, or animals living under pressure. There is a clear negative influence on the feeding intake efficiency of chickens, when they experience immunological stress. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are especially important in the fight against oxidative stress and for the immune/resistance capabilities of the animals.

  • Rovisol contains protective liquid vitamins in high doses. The vitamins can easily be dissolved in water and thus are easy to dose.
  • Rovisol helps optimize vitamin absorption in a poultry feeding plan in a simple, fast way even for sick chickens. Sick animals do not eat, but they do drink!

The Orcovet team will be delighted to provide you with customized advice.

Rovisol® gamma:

  • Rovisol® E
  • Rovisol® E + Se
  • Rovisol® AD3E and Rovisol® AD3EC
  • Rovisol® BEK3 and Rovisol® BECK3

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